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Throne of Blood and Shadow

Throne of Blood and Shadow

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Astriea Blake only ever knew loss and emptiness.
As the apprentice to the great Mountain Spy, she felt perfectly content slicing and lying her way through Shadon. Her oldest friend, Thomas, by her side. After a brutal raid, they find themselves at the mercy of an ancient goddess, hellbent on restoring the world and the magic that was stolen from it. Zaniah, the Goddess of Magic, and Astriea begin the merging of their souls while traveling across Shadon with Thomas—rekindling old sparks and building new friendships as they do. Their only mission? To kill the king and anyone who gets in their way. With the help of two Assassins raised from birth to protect and kill for the Heir of Zaniah, Astriea and Thomas create bonds they didn’t know were possible and begin an epic journey to uncover the truth of Zaniah’s capture, but more importantly, how to free magic for everyone.

Throne of Blood and Shadow, Lexa Hartwell's debut novel, four unforeseen allies band together in an epic fantasy about facing the consequences of blind faith and their predestined fates. With Seraphina and Damian destined to die for the promise of peace Zaniah brings with her, the emotions are high and the stakes are even more so.

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